Public Launch of TourSites Alpha

We’ve been working diligently to clean up a few bits of code on the TourSites Alpha platform.  We’re nearly there, and we hope to have it available on GitHub by the end of September.

And again, thanks to everyone that’s expressed interest in using TourSites!  We appreciate your patience, and we look forward to working with you very, very soon!


New Grant Proposal Submitted

Just put the finishing 1s and 0s on a second-round grant proposal to the NEH Digital Humanities Advancement Grant program for TourSites V2.  We were fortunate enough to receive first-round funding from NEH to develop TourSites Alpha, and if this proposal is accepted we will undertake a 2-year project to develop, test and refine the platform into a fully-functioning release with documentation and additional user tools.

Also, that project would have us partnering with up to 10 museums and cultural institutions to create tours and content using TourSites and help us improve it for public launch – If you’d like to be considered for the research cohort, let us know and we’ll add you to the list.

Fingers crossed!

TourSites at Museums and the Web!

Had a great time demonstrating TourSites Alpha to the MW17 crowd in Cleveland this evening!  Quite a bit of interest from museums of all sizes, and a few international ones, to boot.

Overall, the conversations definitely validated our approach to creating TourSites and some of the design and architecture choices we made, particularly the decision to allow for the creation of both linear and non-linear “nodal” tour experiences. We also met a few groups interested in using the platform, which is ultimately the best sign that we’re moving in the right direction.